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Tips for Finding the Right Location for Your Wedding Photos

Snapping up some of those cherished shots that can be hung on the walls, passed around the family and treasured for generations is a challenge. While there are so many aspects that need to fall in line to make a great photo, there are some ways you can help the process along. One of the primary elements is choosing an ideal location. But from sandy beaches through to the lush bush—taking your pick from the bunch is a tricky task.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Think about your attire

Your special day is bound to include extravagant dresses, suits and accessories. Think carefully about how much you’ll need to fit in the shot and if the outdoor environment is suitable for the kind of dress you’ll be sporting. Will you be sitting, standing or getting a little creative with your poses? How will your outfit cater to that? All of this needs to be considered so that you can choose a location that will give you both the space and shelter to embrace whatever gets thrown your way.


How are you and your wedding party planning on getting around? If you require your location to have car access, or even ramp accessibilities, make sure that’s catered for.  Also think about the guests who may need the convenience of navigating the area. If you’re planning on getting your great grandparents in a shot on a rocky hillside, chances are they may not be up for the hike.

Public surroundings

Whilst public places can share some of the most awe-inspiring sights available, making them a perfect fit for wedding photography, they also share unwanted guest appearances. No matter where you intend on taking your snaps, make sure you consider if there will be crowds walking by or obstacles in the way. How will you avoid all this?

Rain, rain go away

It goes without saying but keeping dry is probably a high priority for any bride or groom. Make sure your location offers some kind of shelter if the weather takes a turn for the worst, or that there is a quick getaway to the car if it’s required.

Keep the above points in mind and you’ll find a location that suits some of the most important details of your big day.

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