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3 of the Best Moments to Capture the Romance of a Wedding in Pictures

For most people, their wedding day will be the biggest days of their lives and that is why we love to capture these moments in pictures and on video. A wedding is a celebration of love between the couple and their commitment to be there for each other for the rest of their lives. These are themes that will warm the heart and spark memories in years to come when images of the big day are viewed. As such one of the most important tasks of a wedding photographer is to capture the romance of the nuptials and here are three of the best moments to do so:

1. When the Couple are Alone Together

Given the festivities and number of guests on such an important day most pictures of the couple will be taken in a public environment. This means that the subjects will carry themselves in a more guarded manner that befits the occasion and it is only when the couple are alone together that the tenderest moments are more likely to occur. Those quiet moments when a bride and groom share some time to themselves are when they naturally convey romantic feelings toward each other which results in great pictures.

2. Spontaneous Moments

As mentioned above the couple will likely behave in a more formal way among their guests, but it’s still possible to capture spontaneous romantic moments. Whether it is a quick kiss or shared glance, a good photographer should always be ready to capture the romance of such unscripted events. The importance of capturing such moments cannot be underestimated as they help to give context to how special the entire day is to the couple.

3. Having Fun

The moments when a couple are having fun on their wedding day are also great for capturing the romance of the occasion due to their unscripted nature. Having a photographer direct your poses can sometimes result in photos that look staged. This is why more relaxed moments make for better pictures. Many factors can affect a couple’s ability to have fun on their big day, including tight schedules and the like which can suppress romantic feelings. In such cases, delegating the responsibilities of the day will ensure a relaxed couple that will provide more special moments of romance.

Whether you’re a guest or a professional photographer hired by the bride and groom, being ready when moments such as those mentioned above occur is the first step to capturing great images. By taking natural photos of the newlyweds when they get time alone together or when they do spontaneous things, you’ll be well on your way to capturing the day’s romance for posterity.

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