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3 Mistakes Couples Should Avoid with Wedding Photography

When it comes to taking pictures of your wedding there are many reasons why the task is an important one in terms of recording events on such a big day. The importance of taking wedding pictures suggests that the job should be assigned to a professional for their expertise and other benefits. An experienced wedding photographer will know when to capture the best moments, but there are things the couple can keep in mind to avoid spoiling their pictures.

Find out how to ensure every picture is a hit by reading our list of 3 mistakes couples should avoid with wedding photography:

 Underestimating Formal Wedding Photography

Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets nowadays, everyone has a camera in the palm of their hands. This means there will always be images of your big day in some form. However it is always worth hiring wedding photography specialists such as Happy Medium Photos to record your special day for posterity. From not arranging any formal wedding photography or booking one at the last minute, under appreciating the importance of wedding photography can lead to painful regrets later in life.

A wedding is only one day but images captured then can be enjoyed in the future and will help to bring back memories for a lifetime. Make sure you can always relive those special moments by hiring a pro for the job.

Not Making Photo Lists

Having a professional photographer take the pictures at your wedding is a great way to document the event and capture all the special moments. This gives you a peace of mind that will allow you to simply enjoy your day but you can also avoid missing any important photo opportunities by making a list. You will have picked your photographer because you like and trust their work but you can also make it easier for them to get the right shots with a photo list.

Whether it is unique family shots that rarely occur or specific landmarks you’d like included in the images, a photo list is a good way to ensure you get your day documented just the way you want.

Not Having a Smartphone Policy

As mentioned above, most of your guests will have access to devices they can use to take pictures. While you don’t have to confiscate everyone’s mobile phone it is advisable to have a policy regarding smartphone use during the wedding. Whether its mobile phones ringing at the wrong time or the flash from dozens of devices disrupting your professional photos, it’s always best to gently advise your guests of your wishes.

By avoiding the common wedding photography mistakes above, your formal picture taker as well as your guests will have more of a chance to capture the best images. Always plan ahead and never underestimate the importance of professional wedding photos in terms of your future enjoyment and trips down memory lane!

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