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6 Getting-Ready Shots you absolutely need to Include in your Wedding Photos

The stress of arranging for someone to take photographs at your wedding can easily be avoided by hiring a professional camera person as they are experienced and will know what’s required. The process of taking photos of your wedding is an important one, which is why handing the task to a professional, is a good idea, but once that is sorted how do you make sure the day is captured perfectly? In addition to pictures of the ceremony, reception and other important moments, getting ready shots are also a crucial part of documenting your big day.

To fully convey the formality, importance and romance of a wedding day, different images play varying parts that form the full picture when presented together. With that in mind, see below for 6 getting-ready shots you absolutely need to include in your wedding photos:

1. The Wedding Morning, Bride and Bridesmaids

If the bride is getting ready with her bridesmaids on the morning of the wedding, many candid photo opportunities can present themselves. From capturing pictures of nervous laughter, to fun, spontaneous showings of support, these are moments that will help to bring the memories of your big day rushing back in years to come.

 2. Putting Make-Up on

The serene moments when the bride is putting her makeup on in preparation for the big day ahead are also a great time to capture beautiful photographs.

 3. The Brides and Bridesmaid Dresses

Another absolutely must have shot is that of the bride’s and bridesmaids dresses hanging up together and individually. A must for any getting-ready pictures list.

 4. First Look of the Wedding Dress

Capturing the reaction of a waiting mother and bridesmaids as the bride comes down the stairs to give them their first look of the wedding dress is another important photo opportunity.

5. Mirror Moment

From capturing the reaction of others when they see you in your dress for the first time to picturing yours during that first look in the mirror. A beautiful reflection photo is another must have getting-ready shot that will stir memories of how you felt on the big day.

 6. The Father and Bride Shot

One of the most emotional moments you can ever capture is when a father sees his daughter for the first time on her wedding day. In future when you’re looking back at the big occasion this is a moment you will treasure forever.

 Whether you prepare for your wedding photos by making a list of all the moments you want pictured or not, the getting ready shots above are a must have for your album!

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