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How to Make Kids Comfortable at a Wedding and Achieve Amazing Photos

Every wedding photographer will have both amusing and horror stories about children at weddings but having little ones at your special day need not be a nightmare. In fact with their cute and adorable actions, not to mention unpredictability, kids can provide the most memorable and beautiful photo opportunities. It is unscripted moments such as these that will make your day and so making sure children are comfortable during the whole process is important.

Remember the little ones and you may just be rewarded by images you will love and cherish forever; here’s how you can try to achieve that:

Making Kids Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Getting great shots of children is difficult in any situation, but more so on an important day such as a wedding that requires a lot of preparation and dressing up. One way to capture beautiful images of young children is to get down low to their level, hang out with them and befriend them so they can relax and you’re able to capture unpredictable moments.

Giving Kids their own Time and Space

If you’re keen on having an interruption-free service without any disturbances from bored kids – make some time and space for them. A good way of focusing on the children before the service starts is by handing out goodie bags with toys and treats. For younger kids, items such as drawing and colouring sets, balloons and snacks are enough to keep them entertained for the length of the reception.

Make time for children during the wedding service by setting aside a space where toddlers and their moms can be entertained if they get bored. Kids do not have the patience or discipline to keep focused for long periods like adults do, so be sure to give them alternative options.

Lead By Example

Regardless of your protestations to the contrary, anyone bringing kids along to your wedding may be understandably nervous about them potentially disrupting the service. The best way to assure them is by taking the lead and showing young children that they are welcome and can make themselves at home.

If you’re happy to have children always remember that your guests will take their cue from you. Children are full of fun and creativity, and sometimes when they act like kids with tantrums and the like that is when some of the best wedding moments are created and amazing images can be captured.

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