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Top Photography tips for Wedding Guests

Being invited to a wedding is an exciting prospect not only for the enjoyment of the occasion but also in the preparation for it in the days before. Whether it is a close friend or relative that is tying the knot, many of us will obviously want to capture some special moments of the day for posterity. With that in mind we have created a handy guide of top photography tips for wedding guests below:

Know when to Use your Flash

Nowadays many people use their smartphones to capture images and video of their favourite moments but whether you’re using a camera or mobile phone it is important to know when and how to use your flash. For indoor pictures some photographers may prefer not to use the flash, while turning it on for outdoor shots can result in amazing and unique pictures. Practise using your device with and without the flash on, before the wedding to ensure you’re ready on the big day.

Be Ready to Take the Shot

The best photos are often the result of natural, unscripted moments and even though you’re only a guest it pays to be ready for anything when it comes to capturing great pictures. Lots of surprises happen during weddings and the trick to capturing some of them is to try and anticipate what could happen next then being ready to take the shot.

Try to tell a story

For the best results in documenting a couple’s big day it is best to try and tell a story with your pictures. Watching the day’s events as they unfold will present you with opportunities in which guests interact in amusing ways or do something unexpected and exciting. By running a coherent thread throughout your images you’ll be able to choose the perfect moments to be recorded for posterity.

Always Respect the Formal Photographers

Your friend or relative will most likely have hired professional wedding photographers such as Happy Medium Photos so it’s important to avoid disrupting their work. Guests can sometimes inadvertently get in the way of formal photographs in their quest to get the perfect image so always try to keep the professionals’ work in mind. In addition, the wedding itself and the photography will usually be running on a schedule so guest interferences could disrupt parts of the couple’s special day.

If you’re looking forward to capturing some special moments with which to remember and commemorate a wedding you have been invited to the tips above are great place to start. Understanding your equipment, trying to tell a story while always being ready to take the perfect shot are all ways you can achieve the best pictures of such a momentous occasion.

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